Monday, August 3, 2009


Some things I have realized lately...

1. Baby Flamingo only wants to go to sleep if I am putting her to sleep. We are trying to work on this, but it's a challenge at times.

2. She does not care for rice cereal. She does seem to like the oatmeal more.

3. While she has not yet managed to roll over (I try not to stress out about it) she does wriggle herself all around her area. I'll lay her down at night one way and she'll be 180* by morning.

4. She likes creamcheese icing (I was working on some cupcakes and she managed to get a lick.

5. It doesn't matter what time she woke up, she'll want a nap around 10ish.


  1. That face is AWESOME! Wow, someone REALLY is not happy about cereal. She is so beautiful Princess.... AWWW!

  2. emery never rolled over! she hated being on her stomach...still does. i was sure she would never crawl. but she did. ha ha.