Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What We've Learned

Lets see... Today I found out that watching a "Mock" trial in social studies class is quite painful... especially when you live with an attorney... or studied the law of the country... or just watched a lot of Law and Order. Oh, so painful.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things we learn

What did we learn today in Middle School?

1. Mrs.Flamingo isn't kidding when she tells you to shut your trap.

2. Not to use our heads to open doors with glass panes (two different students did this today and broke windows... so not kidding).

3. There is this amazing organic vegetable soup that seems to appease BF (not really a middle school lesson, but learned while I was at middle school).

4. Some students are delusional ("Mrs.Flamingo, you're going to see me on TV someday!" Mrs.Flamingo tries not to laugh too hard over this statement, since said student was a pain in this royal ass).

5. Middle Schoolers have no idea what the phrase "You made a choice now live with your consequences" means.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Scary Stuff

So, things got a little scary around Casa Flamingo on Sunday. I spent most of the day off of my feet per doctors orders with the knowledge that if something was going wrong we couldn't do much. I woke up that morning with some spotting and bleeding. I have never felt such a panic in my life. I called the doctor and they told me to stay off of my feet and as long as there was no cramping to try not to worry... Yeah, right! It was a very tense day. That didn't mean I couldn't take two naps and make my sweet husband wait on my hand and foot. But, we went to the doctor this morning and our little Flamingo has doubled in size and his heartbeat was just fluttering away. The doctor also gave us a very nice statistic that I will cling to for the next, oh 31 weeks. Since we're past the 8 week mark with a strong heartbeat, the chances of anything going wrong are the lowest they will be this entire pregnancy... shew... I told Mr.Flamingo that our baby was just taking after his mother and wanted more pictures for his scrapbook.

In other news... I have the appetite of an adolescent boy... One day last week it was Taco Bell, then on Friday it was McDonalds, last night (which I finished off today) it was a corndog and tater tots...

That is all.. go back to your Mondays.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Just been busy... and sleepy. I fell asleep on Wednesday night before the final Jeopardy question. I literally fell asleep during the commercials before they give you the answer. You should all be so impressed.

School has been busy this week. I guess I didn't get a lot accomplished last week since it was a 3.5 work week for me. I had progress reports to finish and back to school night last night. Those things just eat up time, you know? I love meeting the parents and hearing if the students enjoy the class, but getting home at 9 is not fun for me right now.

I had a pretty fantastic birthday with lots of wishes... CSAJ took me to Willy's (it's where I wanted to go) and then we went home. He bought me an awesome Coach purse for my birthday (I've been drooling over them for close to two years and we did get it on sale). I love it much.

Okay, back to the progress reports.