Friday, February 27, 2009


So, it official! Baby Flamingo will NOT be born in April, like anticipated. They'll induce me no later than 37 weeks... If we make it to 36 weeks they're going to do an amnio to see her lung function and depending on that induce. CRAZY! Wasn't it yesterday that I was posting for the first time that I was pregnant?

I feel really bad for my friend Brooke. She's taken over my class and she is a GREAT teacher... but she is stuck with the class from hell. I knew what she was going to be in for, and I tried to warn her. The original idea was for me to be there with her for at least for 6 weeks or so (that was when I'd deliver in April, not March). I'm trying to help as much as I can remotely, but I still feel so BAD for leaving her in this position. I just wish I knew what I could to do to help her more... I mean, other than going in and helping her with that class.

Monday, February 23, 2009


So far retirement has just equaled a job change... I went from teacher to professional patient. I was at the doctors office everyday last week except for Wednesday when I actually had to be at school for a little while, so no rest then!

This week is shaping up to be a little less eventful. Today I went out with a friend for her birthday and got a few things... Tomorrow my mom is coming into town (but I don't have to leave the house if I don't want to) and on Wednesday my mom and I will leave here extremely early to get to two doctors appts. that morning... But, we'll know then if they want to possibly deliver BF early or not. I can tell she's getting bigger because she's no longer punching me in the gut so much as rolling which is an interesting sensation to say the least.

32 weeks... only 8 more weeks to go... or 4... ACK!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, some of you know that I was planning to quit teaching and just be a Mom once BF got here. I had planned on working right up until I had to deliver which would effectively be spring break at my school...

Well, plans change. I'm officially retired.

Good news is that Baby Flamingo looks healthy, all 4lbs of her and is measuring a week a head... which means that I will be giving birth to a big baby. In the words of my high risk doctor, she looks fabulous.

Bad new, my heart is not taking all of this as well as we hoped. Some of you know that back in October I had to go to the ER because I couldn't breathe and had some chest pains. I'd had symptoms like this in the past and new that it was probably a symptom of Cardiomyopathy from my chemotherapy (yeah, don't look it up, you won't like it). After some fighting with the ER doctor who wanted to give me needless tests and make me sign waivers for X-rays I didn't need I saw a cardiologist in the ER who told me that I was right (and that the stupid ER doc was wrong and I did not need an x-ray). My cardiologist, who I have always felt super comfortable with and respected, felt that right now with my numbers just being on the high side of bad (does that make sense?) that we' d take a wait and see approach to medication. I was of course, thrilled with this news, the longer that BF didn't have to be exposed to medication the happier I was.

A few weeks ago I caught the plague from Mr.Flamingo. I felt like crap and had to take 2 days off of work to recover. I went to my peranatologist, the baby doctor I see because I'm considered high risk with this heart thing, and she saw my amniotic fluid was low... most likely due to my cold. No biggie, drink water come back in two weeks. I went back yesterday and BF looks great as does my fluid level. From there I went to my cardiologist because I'd been having issues catching my breath since the cold.

The cardiologist was not happy with what he saw... so he told me my retirement age had arrived... I'm to stay home and take it easy until further notice. I'm also on a low sodium diet which SUCKS OUT LOUD when all you want is french fries from McDonalds and ruffles potato chips... I'm eating lots of fruits, veggies and lean meats (which means chicken because I always forget what kind of fish I can eat and Mr.Flamingo doesn't eat fish).

It really is the worst possible time for me to go out... my kids have performances next Wednesday and need a lot of help to get it together. And they really need me to do it... but, my health and BF are my concerns now... they'll muddle through without me.

So, I have anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks before BF is due to arrive and I'm at home until then... I guess I'll get lots of reading done, lots of knitting finished and hopefully I won't be doing too much online shopping.

Got any book suggestions?