Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 months old

Baby Flamingo turned five months old about a week ago. And on this day she decided to learn how to roll over. BF HATES tummy time with a passion. She would rather be anywhere than on her stomach. And what happens? She has learned to roll from her back to her stomach and cannot get off of it. It never fails that she rolls while I'm in another room (either doing laundry or making dinner) and then begins to protest quite loudly when she can't get roll to her back.

Baby Flamingo has just become more fun and more exciting with each day (and really hour). She sleeps great (I try not to say too much about this because so many of my friends have sleep issues) and has been since about 12 weeks. She's gotten a nap routine down that is somewhat predictable and this gives me enough time in the day to get all of the housewifely things done.

Last week Baby Flamingo got to meet someone in my life is quite important. She met the doctor who saved my life 20 years ago. It was such a special moment for me. To be there watching a man I look at as a father playing with my little girl. I could only imagine how surreal it was for him- seeing the girl that had grave odds, not only living but being a mom. I like to think it was pretty special for him too.

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