Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life Is Tough

I know I haven't updated lately, but up until recently I could tell you it was just because Baby Flamingo keeps me so busy, which is true. She does.

Life is tough sometimes- that's all I can really say without getting word vomity.

Just because I'm being vague about these things know that the immediate Flamingo Family is fine. We are not making earth shattering decisions about us, we are still being blessed each day by God's love and His light.

Life is tough, but here are some great things.

Baby Flamingo helps me keep it all in perspective. She lights up when I come into a room. She wants to crawl so bad that she can't stand it and can still only roll onto her belly and not off of it. She likes any food that's orange and will tolerate green ones if I mix them with an orange one. She can sit up by herself for a long time but will eventually topple. She has a tooth. Our life together is amazing. Our life before her was full, but it's definitely richer now.

I'm too excited to see New Moon when it comes out- Daddy Flamingo knows that he'll need to be home from work early to watch her so I can go see it. It's a must. Oh! And everyone should see The Blind Side, it was filmed in my neighborhood.

I'm hoping to join the Y this weekend so I can start working out a couple of times a week. This thrills me. I'm still not allowed to really do heavy cardio or anything because of my heart, but I'm cleared to swim if I keep it cool. I've never been overly into exercise (have you tried the eliptical with one leg? Doesn't work, FYI) but I need to do something. I might be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm still rubbery. TMI? Maybe?

Because we all need something cute- Baby Flamingo!

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